Ann Mooney

I began making jewelry when I was 4 years old sitting beside my mother and grandmother. I never thought that I would pick this path, but of all the wonderfully creative things my mother and grandmother knew and shared with me, this was the one I grew into. And I’m genuinely delighted that I did!

Jewelry is an extremely personal and emotional thing. If you compliment someone on their jewelry, more often than not what you get is not the facts about the piece, like whether it’s gold or silver, amethyst or turquoise; instead, you get a full backstory chocked full of detail. You learn where and from whom they bought it, or who gave it to them, when, and for what occasion; how much they love it and why!! It’s always a lovely, human experience when I hear these stories.

Now I have a pleasant studio with windows to my gardens, and I make jewelry! That’s what I do. Women say my jewelry makes them feel beautiful. This is the reason I love making it!. I hope this expression shows in every piece I make, adding some small piece of beauty and joy to our wonderful, fascinating world.

Because jewelry is so personal, all earrings have interchangeable wires per your requested style and metal: lever backs, French hooks, posts, and sometimes clips – platinum, 14k gold, 14k gold filled, 14 k rose gold filled, sterling silver, niobium, or surgical steel.

Besides bead work for over 50 years, I’ve also worked in fine jewelry for 25 years and I’m happy to help you design your custom fine jewelry as well. I take custom orders for special occasions (brides and wedding parties, special gifts, anniversaries, and holidays, etc.) or any occasion. It is especially enjoyable for me to make jewelry on request. 

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Indigo Swan Jewelry & Fine Art

We feature artists from around the world whose passions encompass a plethora of mediums — we’re certain you’ll find something that inspires and delights you! Included are Fair Trade, non profit and women-owned businesses!

Indoors you’ll find a collection of jewelry from all corners of the globe as Ann Mooney Design jewelry is joined by other jewelers and artisans to showcase a broad range of both casual and fine jewelry. You may select from an assortment of precious and semi-precious metals, pearls, and gems for your choice of earrings, rings, pendants and multi-piece sets. And remember, custom work is available from Ann Mooney Design!

 Additionally, we offer select ladies clothing, hats and handbags, exceptionally crafted gift options as well as some vintage items.

Our outdoor statuary garden (during warmer months)  has a selection of both whimsical and beautiful additions for your garden, including bird baths, garden wall art, planters, and captivating statuary.

Indigo Swan carefully curates a world-wide selection of hand-crafted art from both award-winning and novice artists in the disciplines of jewelry, mosaic, fused-glass, stained-glass, photography, pottery, woodwork, water colors, acrylic, multi-media and calligraphy.

 And there’s more! A lot more…. Come for a visit and see what delights we can show you!


Featured Businesses 

Indigo Swan supports many artists and businesses that employ Fair Trade practices, especially those owned &/or operated by women. Our top sellers include items from Anuschka, Maruca Design, and katzpajamas.


One of top sellers! This line of stunning hand-painted premium leather accessories will delight anyone with an eye for both art and functionality. Crafted in India, Anuschka is a Fair Trade, family-owned business that began as an idea in the late 80s. Even though today they’ve expanded to 100+ artists in an effort to keep up with global demand, husband and wife team, Swapan & Roma Basu, oversee daily operations in addition to training new artist-employees.

Maruca Design

Handbags and accessories by Maruca Design are one of our top sellers! A robust cottage industry located in Boulder, CO, Maruca designs new textiles twice yearly and uses them in their limited series collection(s). Commercial grade fabrics — that are as lovely as they are durable —  along with leather strapping on many models, is the mainstay for Maruca Design. These bags and accessories are hand-crafted with love and signature style for women on the go.


Melanie Green, owner of katzpajamas, designs and prints original-art flour sack towels in San Diege, CA. Gorgeous artwork combined with easy-care absorbent cotton make these towels a fabulous gift idea.